Hey there, would you like to improve your English language skills from the comfort of your home while sipping a cup of coffee? I got you covered.



I am a certified English tutor (TEFL certification with a specialization of Teaching English to young learners & Teaching business English – University of Toronto) originally from Hungary. I have years of experience abroad, having previously lived in several countries. I’m currently teaching online and running my own language studio in Africa.



Learning languages, getting to know other cultures and traveling have always been passions of mine, and I happily share my experiences and what I have learned with my students. I have years of experience in teaching and motivating both children and adults to fully immerse into English through a student centered teaching method. My goal is to help students build functional proficiency in English and also enhance their speaking confidence so they are excited to use their skills in real-life situations.



In language teaching, I believe that it is important to shape the lessons so that the student’s personality and goals come to the fore. I put together varied and creative lessons and homework where students can get acquainted with the culture of English-speaking countries in addition to the dry curriculum. My passion is learning about foreign languages and other cultures, traveling, and I try to pass on the knowledge and lessons learned from these to my students as well.



Interested? Please get in touch with me on any of the contact details. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!


What you need to know

I normally prefer to have the classes 100% in English. But by being fluent in Hungarian and French as well, explaining the content to you in these languages will not be a problem.

I build the curriculum according to the level of my students, for which I provide all the necessary material (textbook, workbook, practice booklets, CD, supplementary materials) free of charge.

One class is min. 45 mins, and one session consists of two classes. Classes are 1X2 and 2X2 per week on average. The first time (consultation), approx. 15 minutes and the subsequent level survey is free. There is no cancellation or modification fee. My schedule is flexible, I take classes from Monday to Friday, from morning to evening.

Payment is via PayPal or bank transfer, and it is followed by an invoice.

I also offer teaching business English, teaching English to young learners, translation and proofreading (different charges apply). For more information on these, please get in touch with me.




10 classes (3500 Ft/class)

35000 Ft ~ 100 EUR ~ 420 AED


20 classes (3300 Ft/class)

66000 Ft ~ 185 EUR ~ 790 AED


40 classes (3100 Ft/class)

124000 Ft ~ 350 EUR ~ 1480 AED


Yes, you can!

— Barack Obama

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

— Nelson Mandela

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet

— Aristotle

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